Bar Fight!

I’ve been playing through Dragon Quest VIII again, and I honestly forgot how much I enjoyed it.

I just played through the bar fight scene below yesterday.

Can’t wait to review this when I eventually finish it. What’s your favorite scene in your favorite video game?


7 thoughts on “Bar Fight!

  1. I love how the hero just stands there oblivious! But something I noticed on my most recent replay was how slow everyone talks, especially Yangus. It kinda breaks my immersion since people don’t talk like that in real life, which is a shame because the script and is great otherwise, this scene being a prime example.

    As for favorite scenes, the opera from FFVI comes to mind!

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    • Haha,I really love Yangus throwing the chair with the person still in it myself.
      I’m actually running it on an emulator right now because my PS2 went up in smoke. With the settings in the emulator, the really slow conversations seem to stop, and you can make it HD.
      Ahhh, the opera scene. Good choice! Amazing how much emotion a scene can illicit even with no voice acting.
      If we’re going with Final Fantasy, my favorite has to be FFIX, specifically the scene where Zidane is trying to push everyone away but he realizes they’re all true friends.

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  2. I’ve always wanted to try the original Japanese version, to see how different it is with no VA and the synthesized music. Apparently it runs a lot smoother, but I guess an emulator would fix those worries anyway!

    Yeah, Yangus just fighting like three guys at once is amazing. He’s totally the best party member.

    It’s been too long since I’ve played IX, all the best scenes are foggy for me. VII has some really poignant moments too, even with its ocassionally weird dialog. The Nibelheim flashback is burned into my memory!

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    • Haha, VII is always the big one to reference. It does deserve it though, the story was fantastic. When they announced they were remaking it, I just about lost it.
      I’m not sure what it is about IX that I liked so much, there just seemed to be so much character development with Vivi and Zidane.


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