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rocket league

Today, lets sit down and talk about Rocket League. I’m going to change the format of my review for this one as, honestly, there’s no story to write about and that’s about half of my review length anyway.

Rocket League is published and developed by “Psyonix“, and I have to say this game is probably the most popular game they’ve released by far (skimming their previous releases, “Unreal Tournament 2004” is the only other game I recognize).

Now, I imagine you already know what this game is since it has become a bit of a cult classic already. If you don’t, it can be described as such – a game where you play soccer (or football for our European friends) with rocket-powered cars.

Now, I don’t generally play sports games, they’re just not my cup of tea. But the description of this game had my 8-year-old self jumping in anticipation. Honestly, who has never wanted to score a goal with a rocket car? People with no imagination, that’s who.

The game has a few ways to play – Exhibition, Season, and Online. Exhibition matches are simply a single match of the game, which are 5 minutes in length. You can play with a computer team with adjustable difficulties, or you can play split-screen with up to 4 players. The Season option is simply a series of ranked games with computer controlled teams (and you can play cooperatively in split screen in this option as well). The top 4 teams at the end of the season are in the play-offs, and you receive a trophy if you win! Online is pretty self-explanatory, you can play casual or ranked matches with other online players. Once again, you can play cooperatively in local split-screen as long as one of you has PS Plus or XBOX Live (or free, on the PC).

There’s a Training option as well, so you don’t have to just dive in and hope for the best. My favorite option, however, has to be the Garage where you can totally customize your vehicle. Body types, decals, colours, tires/rims, exhaust, antennas, and hats. Yes, you can give your cars hats, like crowns or sombreros.

Rocket League is definitely one of those games where you have to keep playing to get any good at it. I still suck, but I can still pull off a cool move every now and then.


My only complaint so far is with the online servers. There’s a lot of lag right now on that end, but Psyonix seems to be working hard to fix it.

Final Rating

Seriously, you should try it out. Before it sky-rockets in price.


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