Review Rating System

Video Game Reviews

Before we begin, I would like to mention that these reviews are my opinion. I believe games are an art-form, and for every one person that doesn’t like a game, 10 more will step-up and defend it (and vice versa). If you don’t agree with my opinion, then review the game yourself. Both sides of the story deserve to be told equally.

I will also never take bribes to change my opinion about any of my reviews. I doubt this will come up any time soon, but it’s worth mentioning.

As an average gamer, I don’t like the numerical rating system, giving a game a number from 1-10. It feels impersonal, and it feels like it doesn’t take into account the type of game, the developer who produced it, or the things it does well. It feels to me, to be a voice of negativity. I understand why others use it, and reviews are supposed to be subjective to a point, but I find that system to be overcomplicated. I prefer a simpler approach – should I play it, or should I pass on it?

I will be reviewing games using the following categories:

  • Story
  • Audio/Visual
  • Pacing/Game Length
  • Game Mechanics
  • Replay Value
  • Multiplayer Components (if any)

Instead of a numerical rating, each of these categories will receive a Pass

Green - Pass
or a Fail.
Red - Fail
I will average these out, and then give my final conclusion on whether it’s a must play, a possible play, or something you may want to avoid. Depending on the game, one category may factor more heavily then another (an RPG, for example, would hinge more heavily on the story rating then visual/audio. A great story matters more in that regard then great graphics).

I prefer this rating system, as the issues with the game are brought to light (the Jar Jar Binks’, if you will), but the good always has a chance to outweigh the bad (pod racing and double-bladed lightsabers, anyone?).

All Other Reviews

Anything else I may happen to review – board games, movies, mystery crates delivered to my door – will not have any sort of complicated rating system. At the end of the review, I will simply give a final rating of Yes, No, or Maybe.

Final Rating


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